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- thumbs up emoji - Exactly what does the thumbs up emoji indicate?Study much more in this article about some often asked issues and enjoyable points connected to our definitions.

six VERB 想要(说) It is possible to say that you would probably like to mention anything to point that you're going to say it. I might like to apologize... 我想道歉。

You could add a great deal to emphasise how much you like anyone or some thing, or the amount of you love an activity.

‘I am looking ahead to examining comments on this opinion, but I won't respond to senseless comments which are small greater than abuse.’

Over the educate approximately Waterloo, I felt like I was going on an journey. 坐在开往滑铁卢的火车上,我觉得自己好像正踏上一趟冒险旅程。

Jussie Smollett has presented his initial assertion adhering to his violent, hatefully motivated attack before in the 7 days…

This is a lot more like a down payment, or even a deposit, should you like → Il s'agit moreover d'un acompte, ou d'une caution, si vous voulez.

five VERB (表示愿意)想要 For those who state that you would probably like something or would like to try and do something, you might be indicating a desire or drive that you have. I'd like a tub... 我想洗个澡。

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2 N-PLURAL 爱好;喜欢的事物 Anyone's likes tend to be the things that they enjoy or uncover pleasant. I assumed that I realized every thing about Jemma: her likes and dislikes, her political viewpoints. 我原以为我了解杰玛的一切:她的好恶爱憎,她的政治观点。

‘Graduate learners are asked to electronic mail the instructor concerns Notifications or comments on readings prior to the course satisfies every week.’

eleven PHRASE (用于吸引注意力)像这样/像那样 You utilize like this or like that while you are drawing awareness to a thing that you happen to be undertaking or that another person is performing. I'm sorry to intrude on you like this... 很抱歉这样来打扰你。

‘In advance of we tackle the prospective significance of our conclusions, some technological troubles are worthy of comment.’

greatly stated or talked about over the internet, Specially on social networking Web sites: trending matters on Twitter.

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